Home directory of third user is not shown in Finder

  • Last Post 25 December 2017
Frank van de Kant posted this 24 December 2017

Hi, I've got a weird issue with my Apollo Cloud system. 

I have made 4 users: Admin, myself, my wife and my daughter. All work with macbook air's.

When I log on to the Apollo cloud app on my macbook I do see in finder multiple directories such as: Apollo123456_Admin and Apollo123456_TimeMachine for every user I use to connect to the system. 

However, when I use my daugthers macbook and log on to the Apollo app with her userid I find in finder only Apollo123456_TimeMachine, which is her timemachine configuration I think. So I don't see her directory Apollo123456_daughter. This directory does exist because I can see it within the app. 

Any idea how I can get her own home directory in the finder on her macbook?

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Devendra Kumar posted this 25 December 2017

Hi Frank,

Home directory is for master account (Person who login as admin). The members will only time machine diretory.


Frank van de Kant posted this 25 December 2017

Hi Devendra, 

Thanks for your response. 

Still I don't get it, because I have made a separate userid Admin who has indeed both directories. My own standard user and my wife's do have an Apollo123456_user directory as well as an Apollo_TimeMachine directory. My daughter has only the directory Apollo_TimeMachine and no Apollo_user dir. 

The userid's are the same and when I log on on my machine with her userid the directory shows. This means the directory does exist. The point is how to get the specific macbook to show the directory in the finder since on all other devices it is shown.


Bye, Frank