Firmware Update Safe? - Changed Pegasus 2 R4 to APFS

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Brian O'Toole posted this 04 October 2017


All my data is backed up, but- I know, I know...I shouldn't have done this anyway.


I'm trying to get better performance for video editng out of my dives, so I made some risky (stupid) impulsive moves.  So now my Promise Pegasus 2 R4 is now running the APFS, and my Promise Utility shows I'm not running the latest firmware.  I'm guessing it's not a good idea to try to update the firmware?





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Brian O'Toole posted this 04 October 2017

Really?  Awesome.  Thanks very much, Richard!

Richard Oettinger posted this 04 October 2017

Hi Brian,

Updating the firmware on any PROMISE RAID system has no impact or effect on the data that is on the drives...

~ Richard

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