Files Missing from search but are there

  • Last Post 04 May 2017
William Musial posted this 04 May 2017

I have a Pegasus R6 connected to a Mac Mini as a server. I can access the drive through the network. We have been experiencing that some file are not showing up in the folders when we access them through the network. But when I  go to the computer directly connected to the R6 I can see that files are there. This is happening randomly with old and new files.

Any ideas why these file are not being indexed or hidden?

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Venkatachalam Settu posted this 04 May 2017

The Pegasus series units are direct attached storage, where you can connect the unit directly to a Mac system, mount the volume and use it.Pegasus just presents the raw disk space to the Mac that it is connected to and the remaining are taken care by Mac system. If the files are presented in the volume directly and not through the network, there might be something wrong on the network level or file sharing feature in the mac system or something else.

William Musial posted this 04 May 2017

R6 connect via Thunderbolt to a Mac Mini. The Mini is being used as a server and has file sharing active. The Mini is connected via Ethernet to a switch with all other computer on the network.

We noticed it about 3 montha ago when trying to find files from a project completed last year. The files were not showing up in the folder but when we searched the name they appeared in the search but not in the foldr where they are saved. I went to the Mini and open the Public drive and lookin the folder and all the files were there.

No hardware changes. We dod regular updates on Mac OsS software. I just did updates yesterday on the R6 for software and fireware.




Venkatachalam Settu posted this 04 May 2017


Could you please clarify how the drive has been accessed through the network? Is it via Macintosh inbuilt File Sharing?

When did the problem begin? Are you able to see the files before through the network? Also, what was the last change in the environment?

Thank you.