Fibre and Copper in one adapter?

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Jackson Notier posted this 23 January 2017


I am new to networking so forgive me for these simple questions. I and am interested in connecting a Thunderbolt host computer to a 10GBe interface storage. I have one storage that is copper interfaced (RJ-45) and a second storage is Fibre interfaced.

Is it possible to add one copper and one fibre transceiver to a Sanlink2 SFP+ adapter (or an alternative option), or would I need two separate adapters, one copper / one fibre? I would not be connecting both storages at the same time.

Or does the card just not work that way? I noticed in the SFP+ compatibilty there were only fibre transceivers so Im guessing it is only one or the other? Do any PCIE cards allow for both interfaces?


Thanks a lot for your help!


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Pradeep Chidambaranath posted this 24 January 2017

Hi Jackson,

You need two separate adapters for both the units. The drivers for adapters and the interface for the adapters are different.


Pradeep C

Richard Oettinger posted this 24 January 2017


there are indeed some copper SFP+ transceivers available, and at the interface end they are same as the optical transceivers - only the transport type is different (optical vs copper).

In theory, you could plug one in to one socket of the 10Gb SFP+ SANLink2 and plug an optical SFP+ in to the other.

Please note that the copper SFP+ has not been tested, so you would not be able to expect any tech support from PROMISE if you encounter any dificulties.

I note that there are few copper SFP+ transceivers available, and that they are not cheap, so you may be better off just getting two SANLink2 10Gb, one copper and one optical. You can connect both of them at once, and it would be a supported configuration...

~ Richard

Henrikas Paukstys posted this 28 June 2017


Can I connect 2 xsan units via Fibre Channel to one Sanlink2, and mount both xsan partitions on one Mac Pro via thunderbolt? For what reason there are two FC slots on Sanlink2 ? Just for double transfer speeds for one xsan? Or can I connect 2 seperate xsans to one adapter? How I understand there is no possible to connect seperate xsans between in daisy chain (like Pegasus units)