FastTrak100 TX2

  • Last Post 29 October 2017
Denis Bodnar posted this 29 October 2017

Hi! Sorry for my English, I used online translator. I want to ask a question - I got a IDE RAID controller Promise FastTrak100 TX2, and the problem is that I can not find and install the driver for this device. Very long studied the information on the Internet, even signed up here but have not found the right driver (on my computer running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 sp1). Please help if anyone knows what I can do, what would this controller be able to earn in normal mode - please write here or on mail - I would be very grateful. Thank you for your attention. PS This controller I would like to use to connect IDE drives CD-ROM drives.

Dinesh Kannusamy posted this 29 October 2017

Hi Denis,

Please use the below link to download the Driver for FastTrak TX2300 for Windows 7 

V7.0.1.34 -

Since it is been moved to Legacy you can find more downloads for the FastTrak under the Legacy Product list in and for any further assistance please contact Promise Tech Support, or create a web support ticket in