fasttrak tx2200 read only mode?

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shaihkritzer shaihkritzer posted this 11 August 2016


I'm trying to use fasttrak tx2200 om my old asus p5k as a simple sata controller fro my two hdds because native motherboard controller got stuk or damaged. So current config is:

Internal Intel sata controller - not working in either ide or ahci modes;

Internal Jmicron sata controller - ssd with OS win 7 in ahci mode;

Pci fasttrak tx2200 - 2 hdds with files and software.

Os boots from ssd on jmicron, hdds are visible on fasttrak bios (as jbod devices) and after windows driver installed - in os too. But the problem is that one of them works in read only mode. I cannot copy or move any files to any partition of hdd 1, but can do from ssd to hdd2 and vice versa. When I try, I receive windows error "drive is protected". But no windows settings are set to write protect hdd 1. The strangest thing is that this issue present in " normal" windows boot mode, but everything works fine in safe mode. What should I do to make both of my hdds work properly in normal windows mode?


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Joe Engledow posted this 11 August 2016

How much free space is left on HDD1?

shaihkritzer shaihkritzer posted this 11 August 2016

Total capacity is approx 300 gib and approx 70 gib is free now. Hdd2 aaprox 150 total and half free. 


I've tried to swap sata ports and once it swapped write protect so I got hdd1 working and hdd2 read only. But usually it tends to block larger hdd from writing. And why it does not in safe mode??

Joe Engledow posted this 11 August 2016

I've been looking through the FastTrak manual (from the Legacy Download Center) and it doesn't have anything to say about setting write protect. TheFastTrak also can't tell whether the operating system is running safe mode or normal mode.

You may want to scan the drive for errors with Windows Disk Management.

shaihkritzer shaihkritzer posted this 11 August 2016

I've looked there too and noticed that it says tx2200 can handle only 1 jbod device at same time. Do I understand that correctly? If I don't need raid, won't it work with my 2 hdds just as sata controller?

Joe Engledow posted this 11 August 2016

Yes. The TX2200 can handle 2 separate drives in JBOD. It is only acting as a basic SATA controller at that point.

The fact that it allows you to write to both drives in Safe Mode means there is something in normal mode Windows that is locking the drive. 

I wish you the best of luck in finding the issue.

shaihkritzer shaihkritzer posted this 11 August 2016

So I don't have to worry it's incompatible or malfunctioning or something? And no need of any additional settings for controller? Just plug n play?

Joe Engledow posted this 11 August 2016

I couldn't tell you whether it's incompatible or not. The last compatibility list for the TX2200 was published in 2004.

Since your motherboard is not listed the only advice I can give is that it might work. If you think it is not going to be compatible then please try it with another card which has your motherboard listed in its compatibility list.