Enhancements in Promise Utility: Logical Drive "Alias" in window titles & Multi-Pegasus Support

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Mike Bee posted this 28 February 2018

Enhancement Requests for Promise Utility that reward and support owners of multiple Promise Pegasus units:

Logical Drive "ALIAS" in WINDOW TITLES:  Please put the my user-assigned "alias" for into the UI panel for each Pegasus Unit - and use as appropriately where the Promise Untility shows multiple Pegasus units.  Background: I am administering 5 Promise Pegasus units from a single Mac.   The Promise Utility is nice, but even after years of use, constantly annoying when I pull down the "Window" menu, and see the same model of Pegasus array with (a "-2" or "-3" appended for not very useful or persistant uniqueness).  The numbers change, etc.   Looking at the windows for each array, also annoyingly ambiguous.  I have only one logical array per physical array, so for me, seeing "-AliasHere" appended to window titles, notifications, etc., would be EXTREMELY useful.  *IF* it is possible to have more than one alias per physical array, then even just using the 1st alias for this purpose would be very useful I'm sure.  "Notifications" would also benefit from 


MULTI-UNIT SUPPORT IN GENERAL by Promise Utility:   Please integrate multi-Pegasus unit support as a central design feature of Many of us have multiple Promise Pegasus array devices.    User Interface for the Promise Utiltiy that recognized and supported multi-unit users would be great - and even better if it supported "Alias" as a way of keeping things organized for me - perhaps a "consolidated dashboard" for multi-unit users.  ( Perhaps the left panel of the dashboard could list Units? )Good examples of this kind of UI design include:  "Component Update" window for firmware update (currently has no "alias" column however);  the new product registration prompt screen, which shows all found arrays and which has an "alias" column.  This is exactly the kind of UI support that would be great for "Alias" more globally. (Incidentally, possible bug in Version 4.02.0000.10 (C01) it all the fields appear blank, although the arrays have aliases.).  MARKETING BENEFIT:  smooth administration of multiple hardware arrays creates a powerful motivation to stay within Promise family when adding hardware.  CLOUD:  Also, a smoothly integrated multi-unit interface as a thick client would lay the ground work for a nice cloud console using my promise account, and that in turn could support an iPhone App.


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Pradeep Chidambaranath posted this 14 March 2018

Hi Mike,

Thank you for the suggestion. I will forward the suggestion to our engineering team.

Pradeep C

R P posted this 21 March 2018

Hi Mike,

I'm pretty sure the functionality you want already exists in the Promise Utility. You need to give each P3 an alias. This setting is in Subsystem Information > Subsystem Settings.

Then you can see different P3's by their alias. Here I have 2 P3s, one on top of the other and named appropriately.





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Mike Bee posted this 03 September 2018

Very slow to say thanks, missed your reply.  This is exactly info I needed!