Drive format type for NS4600?

  • Last Post 30 November 2017
Chris Sager posted this 30 November 2017

I have an older NS4600 and the 1tb configured with raid 1.  One of the drives died and will not spin up.  I would like to take the remaining drive out and hook it up to an external enclosure to get the data off. 

Neither my Mac or PCs recognize.



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Devendra Kumar posted this 30 November 2017

Hi Chris,

If you like to get the data of the drives, then you have to find another Promise NS4600 unit and insert the drives in the same order like your old unit and you should be able to recover the data.


Richard Oettinger posted this 30 November 2017

Two drives in a RAID1, and one is dead?

If the NS4600 is still running the remaining drive should be online and the data available.

The drive will be in a "Promise format" that your PC or Mac cant read...