Dead drive

  • Last Post 07 August 2017
Verbeeck Jacques posted this 07 August 2017


A few years ago, i've had a drive marqued "dead" after a power failure.  After some tests on this drive, it append to be OK. So  I reveived instructions from Promise to remove the "dead" et reuse this disk.  Problem ... I've forgotten how to do it. Please some help

PS _ Sorry for my bad english ... I'm french

Raghuraman Kannan posted this 07 August 2017

Hi Verbeeck,

We need to know if the drive has any errors before executing that command. Inapproriate usage of that command will result in data loss/corruption.

If it is the only one dead drive and if the RAID Level is not RAID 0 , then try the below rebuilding steps. It should work.

- Open Promise Utility and click on "Background Activities".

- Unlock the Utility and click on the Start button next to the Rebuild.

- Select the Source drive and the Target drive and Start the process.

- It will take 3-4 hours to complete the process and you can see the progress in the bottom.


You can also save the service report using the below steps and can open a case @ for further assistance.

1) Open Promise Utility.

2) Click subsystem information icon on the top of the window.

3) Click the lock symbol on the left bottom corner of the screen to unlock the utility.

4) Click on save service report button to save the subsystem report