Customer having an Apple E610 Promise RAID with a "jbod" enclosure - one LUN of 4 lost.

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Leif Carlsson posted this 13 December 2017

We just need to get the LUN up again, if all data is lost - that's OK. It's an old XSAN we can wipe/reinitialize.

So if there is no way to restore the missing LUN/RAID config from the drives (?) now in unconfigured mode, that means "redoing" the config for those drives/that LUN.

I downloaded/Exported the "configscript" from the controller and it is missing the LUN3 config. It seemed easy to just add the LUN3 settings back in by copying and add one of the other LUN's configs in and then edit it to what it must have been and then Import the now complete "configscript" to the controller. In the "configscript" it says you must delete the old "configscript" in the controller so it seems it not just overwriting the old file when you do an Import.

Does any of you guys know how to do this?

Either recovering the "Unconfigured" drives (RAID5 degraded by one drive) LUN / RAID5 or just "update" the "configscript" and reboot?.


Best regards


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Leif Carlsson posted this 13 December 2017

Eh... Thank you, but I thought I wrote that I'm trying to get "support" (Tech Supoort) to help?

The problem is all the Promise hardware is already registered with an other old account verified by TechSupport.

Anyhow, we don't really care about the data, we only want an / the XSAN volume back up - so an empty volume is OK.

The less work to achive this, the happier we are. If the old data is rescued - even better.

So why is the "LUN3" gone from the config file? If adding it back to the config file and reboot (?) would recreate LUN3 empty - fine!

And all the drives from the former LUN3 are seen as "unconfigured" for the moment.


Any help is welcome!


Richard Oettinger posted this 13 December 2017

Hi Leif,

You can not "fix or redo the config". That script is used only for setting up a Disk Array and Logical Drive with new "unconfigured" disks. If you were somehow able to run that config you would erase the existing LUN3 and all the data on it.

If the drives for LUN3 are visible to the RAID controller, most likely the DA/LD can be recovered.

I would follow Hari's advice and contact Promise TS for advice...

Leif Carlsson posted this 13 December 2017

Hi Hari!


I have tried/are trying through the support but a former colleauge registered "the whole thing" long time ago.

I would prefer recovering that LUN data and all, but I don't know what happens if I just "fix" the config.

If the data is lost - no problem. If we can get the "structure" back so that XSAN can mount the LUN:s and the XSAN volume is empty (maybe after a reinitialization / running XSAN cv-tools) - fine.

I would like not having to setup the RAID:s and XSAN from scratch.

There are not much left in the logs - one drive were more or less forcefully removed (not a good thing I understand) in the now missing LUN3, 7 drive RAID5, but it could maybe only be degraded? (a new LUN3 config wipes all data on those disks?).

Thankful for any help you can provide!





Hariprasad Velmurugan posted this 13 December 2017

Hi Leif,

It seems that lun is not visibile in the host machine. Need to go through the complete logs before you run the new configscript in the unit. Please contact promise technical support #408-228-1500 for further assistance.