Converting Pegasus2 from RAID 5 to JBOD

  • Last Post 25 February 2018
Frank Gregorek posted this 16 February 2018

I cannot find information on how to convert my Pegasus2 from Raid 5 to JBOD. Could someone outline the steps or point me towards a source containing the steps?

I want to convert the Pegasus2 to other purposes and have already backed its data up to a Pegasus3.

Thank you.

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Dinesh Kannusamy posted this 16 February 2018

Hi Frank, 

Please follow the below setup to delete the existing array and recreate a new array with RAID 0

- Open Promise Utility & Click the lock symbol on the left bottom corner of the screen to unlock the utility.

- Click on 'Disk array' tab and delete.

- Click the Create Disk Array button.

- In the Select Physical Drives diagram, click the drives to add them to your array.

*The drive carriers turn blue when you click them. 

*The physical drives’ ID numbers appear in the field below the diagram.

-  When you have finished your settings and choices, click the Submit button.

The new array appears in the list.

* If you are done creating disk arrays, click the Finish button.


Once the disk array is created you can have to create the Logical Drives. Follow the steps below to create a new Logical Drive.

- Click the Create Logical Drive button.

- Click the radio button of the disk array you want to use and click the Next button.

- Enter an alias in the Alias field.

- Select the RAID level(RAID 0) 

- Click the Add button(The new logical drive appears on the list at the right)

- Click the Submit button.

Note: RAID 0 has no fault tolerance if one drive fails the array will go offline state and there will not be any access to the data only you can recreate the array and restore the data. 

For any further assistance please contact Promise Tech Support, or you can also create a web suppot ticket in



Frank Gregorek posted this 25 February 2018

Thank you for your time, Dinesh. Have been away will try tomorrow.