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Mikhail Kachalov posted this 06 September 2017


Good afternoon
I have a lot of questions about the VTrak e610f (2 controllers) with the connected VTrak j610:
1. The biggest problem: - 1 controller issued an error - “The controller has been reset by a watchdog timer exception as it failed to respond to system requests”


On the first controller, a red status lamp
After that, the entire storage system stopped working. The exchange of data via 2 controllers (status lamp green) was stopped. All interfaces were no longer available, but they were ol-line, the local logging system did not track events
After the reboot, the controllers started and all the functions are working.
Before disconnecting the ping controller to the monitoring interface was from 50 to 500 ms, the external monitoring system signaled a periodic inaccessibility of the web menedgment site

2. Total defect blocks to the System Service Report
I have 2 hdd with Total defect blocks> 50 in System Service Report but in web menedgment status hdd - OK
This is normal?
Why hdd errors are not displayed in the web service.

pd3 screenshot

3. How to turn the system on and off correctly?
  a. What should I include first at startup?
  b. What should I switch off first after shutting down?

4. Does this device have a snapshot function?

5. At the start of the storage system, some LDs are switched to 1 controller, although there are 2 controllers in the settings.

ld2 screenshot so ok
  a. Why is this happening?
  b. How to present LD at once with all controllers?

6. Problems with the management interface
An external monitoring system signals the inaccessibility of the control site every 30 minutes when packets are passed through 2 controllers and several times a day when packets are passed through one controller.
If the packets go through 1 controller then ping to the web menedgment
 1 ms
If packets go through 2 controllers then ping up to the web menedgment of 50-500 ms
How to fix?

Please help me figure it out


Karthik K posted this 06 September 2017

Hi Mikhail,

It looks like this issue needs to be analyzed with the help of subsystem report of the unit to find out the problem. Please open a case at or contact us at to troubleshoot the issue.

Please follow the steps to save the service report.

Please login to the web interface of the unit and follow the below steps to save the complete subsystem report.

1. Click Save Service Report in the Header.

Information for the report is gathered and compiled. This action takes up to a few minutes, depending on the size of your RAID system.

2. Click the Save File option, then click the Save button. The report saves to your Host PC as a compressed HTML file.