Command times out on physical disk repeatedly

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M Velasquez posted this 21 March 2018

I have two Pegasus R4 thunderbolt RAIDS connected to my iMac 5K retina 4Ghz Intel Core i7.

Both of my RAID's are near ful. Just under 200GB of space on each RAID. I have been working with this margin for years. 

I use the RAID for video editing and I am constantly taking media off to free up space for new projects.

This month I am getting very slow response playing back video in FCPX 10.4 - I thought it was the new FCPX slowing things down but I cannot confirm this on boards.

Is there a problem using the Pegasus with FCPX 10.4 and OSX 10.12.6 ??

I am in the process of freeing up space on the RAID but I wanted to know what I could check to make this work.

The untility for the R4's is giving my a "Command times out on physical disk" warning regularly. 

Any insight is helpful.


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R P posted this 21 March 2018


Command timouts are caused by bad blocks on a hard drive. These drives are probably old (Pegasus 1) so it's likely that drive failure is imminent. The event messages will tell you which drive is giving the command timeouts. I would suggest you get a replacement drive and replace the failing drive. Assuming that your logical drive is RAID5, you can pull the failing drive and start a rebuild on the new drive. Make sure you get the right drive. There is a locate function in the Promise Utility that will allow you to locate any hard drive.

M Velasquez posted this 21 March 2018

Good advice Richard Payne. I have a spare drive ready to swop into action. I am using it as a RAID 5.

I thought I would get a bigger more definate warning in the untilty. 

Thank you for the reply.

R P posted this 21 March 2018

>I thought I would get a bigger more definate warning in the untilty.

I don't believe that command timeouts are major, I'm pretty sure they are minor so they don't popup a big warning.

M Velasquez posted this 22 March 2018

Well, I totally screwed up and made the Utiltiy read all my good drives as DEAD. I tried not to panic.

I was able to get them back on line or reboot them and now I don't know how to rebuild my RAID.

I cannot find instructions that work. Nothing is making any activity or rebuild happen. 

I have ti on unconfigured - and I have disk array open but the rebuild button does nothing. what am I doing wrong?

Can someone point me to a link for a current HOW TO REBUILD after inserting a new HDD?


M Velasquez posted this 22 March 2018

Richard Oettinger posted this 22 March 2018

The Utility doesnt' change the status of drives to DEAD - that happens when you pull drives out of the enclosure with the power on.

What does it show now on the Physical Drive page?

M Velasquez posted this 22 March 2018

I power cycled the RAID and the Rebuild is now actively running.

I dug aroud the boards here and found some hints as to how to procede.


I feel much better now that the Rebuild in in progress.

Thank you for the reply. I will post when everything is back to normal. 

I am hoping this rebuild helps my beach ball issue in FCPX 10.4 - The test will have to wait until tomorrow.