Cloud Folders are Buried Far Too Deep

  • Last Post 17 March 2017
Ralph Oser posted this 01 December 2016

I'm new to my Apollo Cloud. When I am setting up folders under the Cloud's Title, I can't control how many levels down on the hierarchy or tree the actual working folder is. So whereas I'd like to locate my folders near the top of the tree at say Apollo>Apollo/Cloud Title/Pictures, the only option I'm provided is to confirm that I want my working folder (Pictures in my example) way, way down the hierarchy/tree like this:

Apollo>Apollo/Cloud Title/Apollo>Apollo/Cloud Title/Pictures/Apollo>Apollo/Cloud Title/Pictures

What a mess!, and No I can't delete levels of the tree before confirming.  That doesn't work. 

Can I just move all the folders and files from the subterranean to near the top of the tree or would that foul up an index or pointer of some sort.  Thanks.

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Jerry Lin posted this 14 December 2016

Hi Sir,

Please go to

Thank you

Ralph Oser posted this 14 December 2016

Many thanks Ms. Lin.


Only while I see from a response at that url that a colleague of yours has apparently left a message to call, I don't believe I got it.


The question is really simple:


Can I move my Apollo data from:


user>apollo>apollo>apollo 12345>user>apollo>apollo>apollo 12345>user>apollo>apollo>apollo 12345



user>apollo>apollo>apollo 12345

and then erase everything further down (below that location) on the tree (the last two sets of user>apollo>apollo>apollo 12345?






Chris Turner posted this 17 March 2017

this forum appears to be useless if the common reply from Apollo is:

Please go to

I am of the belief the support team does not really exist at all.

Ralph Oser posted this 17 March 2017

Thanks Chris.  I've actually had pretty good tech support from the folks at Promise on other issues.  That said, I'd normally think three months is enough time to respond to this simple issue. My guess is there don't have a system to automatically assign a ticket number to questions they're asked so they can determine what has and hasn't been resolved and how old it is, or took to close.

I'm more comfortable with their system than I was back when I first got it.  I'll try to move the operating folder up a few tiers and see if that works.

Take care and thanks for your interest and support,