Cannot rebuild array after disk fail (NS4700 f/w 03.00.0000.29)

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Darell Letton posted this 08 March 2018

My NS4700 has 4x 3TB HDDs in a RAID5 setup. One of these drives recently died, and the array went into "degraded" state.

I have replaced the failed drive with an identical one (down to submodel and firmware version), but the drive is in "unconfigured" state, and I do not have the option to start a rebuild (greyed out due to no "spare" or "dead" drive).

I cannot turn off the "auto rebuild" option (to see if that would enable the "rebuild" button), as any time I try and change that setting and apply it, I simply get a spinning wheel for a fraction of a second, and nothing happens - going back to that settings screen shows auto rebuild ticked again.

I cannot change the state or assignment of the drive, and cannot find a way of initiating the rebuild - is there another method to forcibly start an array rebuild?

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R P posted this 08 March 2018

Hi Darell,

First I do not have an NS4700 to verify against, but normally 2 things will start an auto-rebuild. The first is if you hot plug an unconfigured drive. The second is if there is a hot-spare in the system when the drive goes offline, then a rebuild will start automatically.

In your case it looks like what you need to do is assign the unconfigured drive as a spare.

Darell Letton posted this 08 March 2018

Thanks for that - not sure why it would not auto-rebuild on the unconfigured drive, as that was hot-plugged, however reconfiguring as a spare resolved it as the rebuild has started immediately.