Bad sectors - Disk Failure?

  • Last Post 08 February 2018
Ed Zeigler posted this 08 February 2018

Got my hands on a used Pegasus2 R6 with 6x3 TB Segate Baracuda drives. I set it up for RAID 5. While going through the process it came up with bad sectors on a few of the disk. Does this indicate the disks are going to fail?

Can it be fixed?

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R P posted this 08 February 2018

Hi Ed,

Bad sectors can be a sign of pending disk failure, but it's also not unusual for a relatively new disk to have a bad spot on the media and give bad sector errors for a bit till the bad sectors get remapped. Then they run normally. If you only see a few then I would not worry about them. If you are constantly getting bad sector errors then your disk/s may have gotten a hard knock somewhere along the line and it's probably a good idea to replace it. Bad sectors can cause slow write (and sometimes read) speeds as well, since the drive will try really hard to read that sector so it can remap it.

Since your configuation has no hot spare, it would probably be a good idea to keep a spare drive on hand.

Also, you can check the disks media with Media Patrol, but be advised that MP can take a long time to complete and that it can affect performance. You probably don't want to start it when you have work to do. Media Patrol can be stopped if needed.

Ed Zeigler posted this 08 February 2018

Thanks. Good info.