Array Rebuilding Issue

  • Last Post 31 January 2017
Devin OssMann posted this 31 January 2017

We have a VessRAID 1840i enclosure, running with 12 drives via RAID6, and the remaining four designated as global spares.  The For the last two weeks, the controller has reported the array as "OK, Rebuilding."  In short, it seems to be rebuilding FROM Drive 6 TO drive 6, and has been "stuck" at 96%.  Any attempt to pause the rebuilding process times out. 

Thinking the drive itself was to blame, the rebuild was "stopped," only to have it kick us out of WebPAM and indefinitely gives a "the requested service is busy" error after any login attempt is made.    We have daily backups performed to two additional locations (following the 3-2-1 rule).  We had two drives go bad (one at a time), and the bad drives were replaced after the previous rebuilds had completed.  The following steps have been taken:

The entire enclosure was turned off and turned back on.

The array was deleted and recreated, and the volume was reinitialized.  The backup was then restored to the empty volume. (this cannot be repeated during business hours, as the network users need access to the files the volume contains)

The PDM service has been disabled temporarily, which has made no difference in the "rebuild" freeze.

Other than reflashing the firmware or replacing the drive that is currently stuck rebuilding at 96%, I am at a loss for how to correct this issue.  The reason we chose the VessRAID enclosure was for the unparalleled data availability and redundency the enclosure provides, so this issue is very frustrating.  It is out of warrenty, and our finance manager is insisting we exhaust every option before purchasing an extended support contract from Promise.


Any help/advice would be appreciated.

Dinesh Kannusamy posted this 31 January 2017

Hi Devin,

Please save and attach the system service report for further investigation.