Are compatible drive lists for just Pegasus2 units or also Pegasus1 units?

  • Last Post 16 January 2017
Studio Manager posted this 16 January 2017

Looked for a previous post on this, but didn't find one. 


We have a Pegasus1 R6 that we'd like to upgrade with larger drives, but can only find current compatibility lists. I'm assuming the current lists are for Pegasus2 units, but if our Pegasus1 is up to date with firmware, will the same drives be compatible?

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Studio Manager posted this 16 January 2017

Just spoke with tech support. Yes, the compatibility lists are also applicable to Pegasus 1 series, if reached through selecting the proper model to find documents on

Hariprasad Velmurugan posted this 16 January 2017


Both Pegasus 1 & Pegasus 2 series has different drive compatibility list

Please find the below drive compatibility for pegasus1 series

Thank you