Apollo File Structure and Location

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Ralph Oser posted this 01 December 2016

I just bought my Apollo Cloud and have a couple of questions:

The Apollo Mobile App has several target locations you select to direct your files to where you want them stored. I'm trying to understand if the options below Files are masked-subfolders of the Files Folder or free standing folders at the same level in the tree as Files.

And where is my cloud located. Obviously on the drive, but while I have lots of Cloud space I get warned about low HD space on my laptop. Why if the files in the cloud aren't on my client machine.

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Philip Wong posted this 02 December 2016

Call Promise's Tech Support to get assistance.

They can explain to you how your files be stored and located in your Apollo unit.

Ralph Oser posted this 02 December 2016

Wilco, Philipe.  Thank you for taking the time to help.