Apollo Feature Request -- Better File Organization and Search Through Tags and Metadata

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M Pazzo posted this 02 February 2018

I have had my Apollo for almost a year now.

I have to say, I am not very happy with many of the functional aspects of Apollo.

Specificaly I see many deficits in how files are organized and also have found the ability to search for files, useless.

For me, these issues are crippling to the point that it renders the unit almost useless as an organizational tool. Unfortunately, over the past year, it has become simply a large DROP BOX, with no user-friendly interface to compile data, nor any "tool" to retrieve data fast. (It's like an overstuffed closet, filled with "objects" that are not labeled, and that I can't get reach.) There should be a more efficient, detailed way to organize beyond: file name, folder name and date.

And, I am afraid to say that I would not recommend the Apollo device to anyone in the photography or design profession. Especially, if you need to find images with particular charateristics, FAST. There should be a better way to handle the organization and the search in the Apollo.

I understand, Apollo is constantly updating the interface. So I am making a request in the hopes that it will be heard and prioritized...because I know I am NOT the only one experiencing these issues. There should be better way to organize beyond: file name, folder name and date.


1) Searchable Tags - If it is possible (currently) to send comments about a photo, there should be a feature that allows users to attach (add/edit) TAGS to each file as well. This would provide a quick way to organize and search for files on the Apollo.

2) Searchable Image Meta Data - Many images already come with metadata attached. There should be a tool to search images via metadata on the Apollo. Currently, I do not see a way to do this. But, having this feature would help users drill down to the files they need, FAST. (Be nice if you could "edit the metadata" through the Apollo dashboard, but I know that's a stretch.)


--  My Two Cents - As a Frustrated User/Owner of Apollo

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Devendra Kumar posted this 04 February 2018

Hi Pazzo,

Thank you for providing valuable Feedback. we will take this to our concern team..

Thank you