Apollo 2 duo Apollo Mirrow

  • Last Post 17 June 2018
Miford Lau posted this 15 June 2018

Using Apollo 2 duo (BTB RAID 0)with around 3TB data. Bought another one for Apollo Mirror.It's still "replicating" and finished 59% only after 48 hours. Too slow just like using a 56k modem. 

It's shown in Apollo Utility that "Mirroring can take several hours to complete", but it might take several weeks to complete. 

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Miford Lau posted this 16 June 2018

Can anyone tell me why the mirroring process through giga ethernet is so...... slow ?

Devendra Kumar posted this 17 June 2018

Hi Milford,

Herewith few questions

1. when did you started the Mirror process?

2. what is the firmware version running on both the unit?

3. what is your network speed?

Please wait for few hours if stiil the same then Please call technical support at 408-228-1500 or reach out through support case at  https://support.promise.com.