A-Class mounted over SMB causing error code -50 in Finder when copying folders with subfolders

  • Last Post 20 July 2017
Tim Banta posted this 20 July 2017

Currently using a Fibre attached client (OSX) to share the SAN over SMB (strictly to other OSX clients), however when copying a folder containing subfolders from one location to another on the SAN on any of the SMB mounted clients, Finder returns the error "The operation can't be completed because an unexpected error ocurred (error code -50). We are able to edit video with all of the media on the SAN (so Premiere is able to read/write to the SAN as expected) but only have issues when copying folders with subfolders in Finder.

Have attempted to disable SMB packet signing, but the issue persists.The issue has never appeared on any machines that are attached via FC/Sanlink to the SAN. I have also attempted to share the SAN over SMB from a different machine but the issue persists.

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R P posted this 20 July 2017

Hi Tim,

I'm pretty sure the issue here is some type of special character in a file/folder name.




enum {

  paramErr                      = -50,  /*error in user parameter list*/

Not too helpful by itself, but can mean an unacceptable character in a filename like...

? / \\ < > " | > *

when copying to a FAT32 formatted drive or using SMB for file transfer. Can also be a Permissions problem, usually on the receiving end, & in the old days could happen if a file had forks.


Not mentioned above are the various accent characters (àèéìòù), which under some circumstances can cause issues like these.
A related issue is the .DSStore file, which sometimes causes issues. The KB explains this in detail.



Tim Banta posted this 20 July 2017

Thank you for the input, that answers the question as to WHY it is happening. Removing all .DS_Store files within the source folder (and any subfolders) allows the copy to proceed normally. Will look further into resolution, but looks like it could be a headache for a production house running 10 to 12 editing bays over SMB reshare on OSX 10.11.6. I'll update with any resolution.