2nd drive fail while replacing 1st drive - logical drive placed offline - possible data loss

  • Last Post 11 March 2018
Glenn Hunt posted this 11 March 2018

I have a Pegasus 2 R8. While replacing a drive that had a failed I accidentally opened the drive above it and it failed in the process. I have replaced the first drive. 

I have 8x 6Terabyte drives installed. 

The event information is saying the logical drive has been placed offline. Possible data loss. 

The disk array says its degraded and when I click on Rebuild it says the logical drive is offline. 


Not sure where to proceed from here. 

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Glenn Hunt posted this 11 March 2018

The RAID level is RAID5

Venkatachalam Settu posted this 11 March 2018


Basically, RAID5 level only allows one disk failure so there might have data loss risk.This issue needs to be analyzed with the help of subsystem report of the unit to find out the issue.You can call technical support at 408-228-1500 or reach out through support case at  https://support.promise.com/.