10/12 tb HGST he drives

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Christian Valtanen posted this 30 December 2017

Now when there is official support for ironwolf drive is there any reason why HGST 10/12 helium drives would not work? Can you test those asap.

For example model: HUH721010ALN600 and HGST Ultrastar He12

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Raghuraman Kannan posted this 31 December 2017

Hi Christian,,

Since there are lot of harddrive models available in the market, it would be not possible to test them all. As you have mentioned, the 10 TB (Seagate Ironwolf) drives were included in the latest compatible list. 

The 12 TB drives might be tested and included in the future but at this point we do not have any ETA for that. 

Please do check our websites for any updates.

Thanks !


Christian Valtanen posted this 31 December 2017

Has there been problem with some drives (especially HGST) and what is the problem usually? size/working in raid or something else?

Christoph Hagemeier posted this 13 January 2018


I ordered 5 Seagate 12TB Ironwolf hard drives and a Pegasus2 R8. However, I found out to late that the 12TB drives are not validated for the Pegasus2 R8. 

The drives arrived yesterday, the Pegasus2 will arrive on Monday or Tuesday. 

My question is if it is wasted time to give the combination Pegasus2 R8 / Ironwolf 12TB a try? Should I send back the Pegasus directly or should I test it? In Raid 5, i will get 48TB usable disc space, and when I add 3 more drives later on I should end up with 84TB. 

Is a volume size of 84TB even possible on a Pegasus2?

I know, I should have asked earlier, but now it is to late. The alternative would be to buy a Drobo 5D3, but basically I really wanted to use a Pegasus2 R8 (more bays, better price per bay as compared to the Drobo).

I would really appreciate your opinions and suggestions on this.




Christoph Hagemeier posted this 13 January 2018

... I found several offers on eBay, Pegasus2 R8 with 8 12TB hard drives. Does this mean that in principle it should work?

Christoph Hagemeier posted this 14 January 2018

I have another question. When I initially setup the Array with just 5 discs (one voulme, one logical drive, raid 5), can I then add later on the the three more drives to the initally build array (volume and logical drive) without rebuilding and reformatting the whole array? 


After the addition i would like to have one expanded storage share (new drives added). 

Christian Valtanen posted this 16 January 2018

Bought 12 HGST he drive and installed it. Took one old drive off and replaced it. After rebuilding the array speed is 328/320. Seems quite low but only 42 GB left. Does this speed look normal? (forgot to measure speed before swap).

Important info: Stack is raid5

Christian Valtanen posted this 04 February 2018


Just updated all Hard Drives to HGST He12 models. 36 tb in raid 5 total.

Synchronizing took about 3 days and now it is doing media patrol thing. Did softraid's check for one drive and there was no problems so I think this media patrol checks hard drives similar way to check if there is dead spots etc.

My maximum speed with FS7 is about 400mb/s so this is well enough speed and can fit about 97 hours of prores material.