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Apollo Cloud The network backup disk could not be accessed
R P posted this 21 November 2022

Hi John,

This is the latest Apollo Cloud app from the app store.

As you can see it works with Ventura.

Note that the app version is 2.1.906.1, not 2.1.13. There are also versions for iOS, Windows and android, there are many management options.

We even removed the Apollo Cloud drive, formatted it and started over.

Formatted it? This may be your problem. The proper way to start over is to reset the Apollo from the app then reclaim it.

It still says that the network backup disk could not be accessed (even though it mounts the drive and it lets me login to it.

The Apollo provides network storage that time machine can use as bacup storage. If the network drive can be mounted, then the Apollo is doing it's job. I just tested my Apollo and can access the storage from both Ventura and Windows.

And in fact time machine succesfully runs on Ventura with the Apollo as storage.

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SANLink3 Fibre channel sanlink discontinued?
R P posted this 16 August 2022


It seems that the new Sanlink has been delayed due to supply chain issues.

But apparently there are still some SANLink3 F2s in stock.

If you contact sales at, a special purchase can be arranged.

Note, the SL3 F2 is EOL, so there will be no further driver updates or utility updates. But the Sanlink itself will still have the standard 3 year warranty.

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