Write speeds with OSX Encryption on?

  • Last Post 08 February 2019
Greg Benz posted this 07 February 2019

I can't find a way to pause or disable sync of a new array, so I cannot do any speed testing to help configure and optimize my new drive before I put data on it.

I'm seeing 180MB/s for RAID6 as my default write speed, and it drops to about 100MB/s if I enable OSX encryption (1MB stripe, 512 sector, write through).  I see around 400MB/s write for my gen1 Pegasus with encryption on (same RAID 6). I am hoping for 600+ with the Pegasus3 R6 with encryption on, but that seems a vast ways off with my current 100MB/s.

A bit concerned, as LaCie 6Big has a flaw that causes massive drop in write speed with encryption on, and I'm wondering if the Pegasus 3rd gen is also falling victim to a similar issue (the gen 1 runs circles around both, but may simply be the sync process).

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Ranjith kumar posted this 08 February 2019

Hi Greg,

I can see that you have already created a web support case id-20190206184100S where we have

requested you to attach the subsystem report. Kindly attach the report and reply to the case id.





Greg Benz posted this 08 February 2019

Hi Ranjith-

I am not claiming any failure or performance issue. There is no reason to think that the performance of my drive is any different from the typical Pegasus3 R6.

I am asking how to pause or stop the automatic synchronization process so that I may test different configurations in order to find the most optinal settings for my needs. Every time I make a change, I presume the sync will restart. So it could take weeks for me to test if I cannot pause or stop the sync. I understand the purpose of that to protecting my data, but I am just testing the drive before I put any actual data on it. The primary purpose of my forum post here was to get info from other users, as I suspect you may not allow the user to pause or stop the sync.

Thank you,