Wizard options greyed out

  • Last Post 05 February 2021
Buzz Smith posted this 04 February 2021

I installed 4 drives in an empty Pegagsus2 R4. I tried to configure, using the Wizard, but all 3 options (Automatic, Express & Advanced) were greyed out. It also shows, "There are no physical drives available to configure."

The Promise Utility is unlocked.

If I select Physical Drive in the toolbar, it shows the 4 drives, with green check marks next to each drive.

How can I access the Wizard functionality?

Ranjith kumar posted this 05 February 2021

Hi Buzz,

Please confirm the drives status at Physical drive tab, if it's in unconfigured status, then only

you can configure using Wizard.

Please reach us through suppport.promise.com for further assistance.

Thank you,


Promise Team