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Buzz Smith posted this 04 February 2021

I installed 4 drives in an empty Pegagsus2 R4. I tried to configure, using the Wizard, but all 3 options (Automatic, Express & Advanced) were greyed out. It also shows, "There are no physical drives available to configure."

The Promise Utility is unlocked.

If I select Physical Drive in the toolbar, it shows the 4 drives, with green check marks next to each drive.

How can I access the Wizard functionality?

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Ranjith kumar posted this 05 February 2021

Hi Buzz,

Please confirm the drives status at Physical drive tab, if it's in unconfigured status, then only

you can configure using Wizard.

Please reach us through suppport.promise.com for further assistance.

Thank you,


Promise Team

R P posted this 06 February 2021

Hi Buzz,

It seems likely that your hard drives are configured as passthru, macOS will see 4 drives instead of a logical drive. The solution is to change the drives to unconfigured. This can be done from the Physical Drive tab in the Promise Utility. The CLI can also be used.

Luke Hutchings posted this 08 March 2021

I have the exact same issue and am struggling to find an answer. 

When in the Physical Drive tab under the setting for each drive it wont let me change the conifguaration.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Alfred Knödler posted this 21 November 2021

Hi friends, I jhave the same issue. Cannot change the configuration to "unconfigured". Any solution?


Wanted to change my Raid 5 on the Pegasus 32 R4 to Raid 0.

R P posted this 22 November 2021


The wizard will only show options if there are free drives to configure. With 4 unocnfigured drives it's simple to make a R5 LUN and the wizard will also put an HFS+ filesystem on the LUN.

The Images show that in Luke's case, there are three drives and they are already configured. The wizard won't work on configured drives, it's job is to make the initial configuration of unconfigured drives simple. It is not designed to change the configuration of drives that are already configured.

Regarding Alfred's case, the Wizard is the wrong tool for the job. Go to Background Activities  and choose migration.

The command from the CLI is...

migrate -a start -d 0 -l "id=0,raid=0"

This assumes arrayID=0 and LogdrvID=0.

Be advised that migration can be slow, make sure the MAC does not sleep.

Also, RAID0 is not recommended. If any drive fails bad things will happen.

The way to make the disks unconfigured is to delete the LD and the array. If you have your data backed up or don't care if the data gets deleted then it would be a lot faster to delete the LD then the array and create a new volume. If the Wizard is used the Advanced option will have to be used to create a RAID0 LUN.