Why 2 Thunderbolt Ports?

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Elham h posted this 23 June 2018

Hello, I am using the Sanlink2 but I don‘t get it why this device has 2 Thunderbolt and Ethernet Ports. I tried to connect 2 Macs but it failed... is it a way to daisy chain Macs or do I need to buy an expensive Sanlink2?

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Richard Oettinger posted this 26 June 2018

You can check out some articles at Apple on macOS networking basics:





Elham h posted this 25 June 2018

Edit: I am a newby at networking. How should the bridge settings be?


thanks for you help.

Elham h posted this 25 June 2018

Well, I tried to daisy chain via Thunderbolt. Thanks your support a have now on my 5k iMac a link aggregated connection. But is it now possible to create a bridge to connect my 2012 iMac via Thunderbolt?

Richard Oettinger posted this 25 June 2018

You have to provide more details - you tried to daisy-chain two iMacs how?

By ethernet with SANLinks, or by Thunderbolt?

By Thunderbolt, you go to System Preferences -> Network and configure the Thunderbolt Bridge interface.

It is not "kind of", you go to System Preferences -> Network and the gear to Manage Virtual Interfaces, then use the + to add a New Link Aggregate, and then select the two SANLink "Thunderbolt Ethernet" ports to be included in this aggregate.

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Elham h posted this 23 June 2018

Thanks for the fast reply. 


Do I need to do a specific setting? Because I tried to daisy chai two iMacs(model 2015 and 2012). But it didn’t worked. Actually the iMac 2015 is a Thunderbolt 2. And how does those two Ethernet Ports behave? Is it kind of Link Aggregation if I connect 2xCat6 cables?

Richard Oettinger posted this 23 June 2018

Most Thunderbolt devices have two ports, and they are indeed for daisy-chaining.

The TB ports on a Mac or PC can support up to six devices, so a single port device would have to be at the end of a chain.

You can network two Macs together by connecting a TB cable directly between them - you dont need to use a SANLink.

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