I am user of Apollo Cloud 2 Duo

There is no way to use my device independently, i must login by apollo cloud app(by connection to promises servers) and must install the apollo app.

Your devices are limited by you, There is no any standart protocols which a backup device must have such as FTP etc(even my $50 router can give more world standart file sharing protocol options to usb stick). No any option for control devices(like web panel) without using your app.

What if promise technology decided to stop support to Apollo Cloud devices or if it goes bankrupt etc?
-We can not get new version updates of apollo app for future OS versions.
-We can not connect to apollo servers for login

Shortly, when promise company decides to leave apollo cloud project, our devices will be completely useless trash. I am asking you please add some new features to firmware(such as web based control panel, some standart file sharing protocols without need apollo cloud app, etc)

Now, if i had now any brand's any 10 years old backup device or nas storage etc, i could use and control it as i wish. Will i be able to do same with my cloud 2 duo after 10 years?

Best Regards,