What if my Apollo Device dies?

  • Last Post 24 October 2018
Lua Nicolas posted this 22 October 2018


A friend gave me a Doubt about the Apollo Cloud.


WHat if my Apollo dies following a thunder for example

Where are my files ? and Can I get them back ? 


When I bought this device, I understood it stored my files on a cloud, that can be accessible by my App as long as my Device (by device I mean the White Tower) is connected to the electricity and to my internet. So I have always thought that if my Tower dies, I would need to by another tower, set ip up with my login and get my stuff here.


So Am I wrong ???? I am a bit scared right now since the thunder season is coming haha


Thanks a lot for your help

Pradeep Chidambaranath posted this 24 October 2018

Hi Lua,

The data will be saved only to the Apollo unit, a copy of the data will not be saved to any other location. We are sorry to inform that if the unit fails, then the only way to recover the data is through Data Recovery. You could also purchase another Apollo unit to mirror the first unit to have a backup of all your data.

Pradeep C