What chips do Sanlink 3 N1 and T1 use, and what is the functional difference between them?

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Mike Mike posted this 21 May 2018

This forum is borken - SANLink 3 doesn't have its own category yet.


What ethernet chips do Sanlink 3 N1 and T1 use?

This information is absolutely critical for making a buying decision, and it's not in the product specification. Also the knowledge base page only has the pages https://kb.promise.com/thread/what-is-the-os-version-compatible-for-sanlink3-t1-and-n1/ and 


And, is there any notable functional difference between them, difference in speed, connectors?

Or is N1 just smaller and hence better.

The product specs at https://www.promise.com/Products/SANLink/SANLink3-N1/ and https://www.promise.com/Products/SANLink/SANLink3-T1 respectively look exactly the same, they reveal no difference at all.

This clarification is also needed for making a buying decision.


(N1 has product code name SL3N1GL .)

Please clarify ASAP, thanks!

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Mike Mike posted this 22 May 2018

Hi Wendy, thank you for clarifying.

Yes and I just learned from your colleague Alan that the T1 variant is TN4010.


Thank you for making the smallet 10g adapter, it's great!


If you ever make any revisions of this adapter, please add a daisy chain port.

My recent high-end Lenovo laptop is a good example: It has two USBC-TB3 connectors. I need to charge via one connector. One USBC-TB3 is used for eGPU (graphics card) in Asus XG Station Pro in a Thunderbolt 3 PCIe enclosure, it is separately powered but has no daisy chain and does not charge the laptop.

The other USBC-TB3 is occupied with your N1. This means my laptop is not charging. If your Sanlink-3 N1 had daisy chaining, this would be solved, then I could link the eGPU to your daisy chain connector. A Thunderbolt 3 micro-dock product that only takes Thunderbolt 3 in, Thunderbolt 3 out, and DC in (from an USBC charger) would also solve this, but I don't know of any such product. Last, I could solve it with a Thunderbolt 3 PCIe enclosure that does have a charging function. If you have any product or solution suggestions here let me know. So this is a product improvement suggestion which would make your already excellent product, even more relevant to some customers.


Thanks again!

Mike Mike posted this 17 September 2018

The Sanlink N1 has the Acquantia ACQ107s chip, which integrates NIC and copper PHY.

Sanlink T1 is now discontinued.

R P posted this 20 September 2018

Hi Mike,

This forum is borken - SANLink 3 doesn't have its own category yet.

Youare quite right, thanks for pointing this out, an SL3 category has been created.