VTrak E630f - Power Outage - Now won't boot.

  • Last Post 20 June 2024
Kevin Nichols posted this 20 June 2024

A client had a power outage, upon restoration of power, their VTrak E630f did not boot up.   

Connected a serial cable and can see these errors: 

Partition Table invalid or corrupt

Buffer I/O error on device sda4 on both controllers. 

All the indicator lights are green on the device. 

My questions:

1. Does this look like a controller issue?

2. Would it be possible to move the drives into another unit and retain the data on the array?   (Found one on ebay)


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R P posted this 20 June 2024

Hi Kevin,

1, Yes, the controllers have failed.

2. There is no array information on the controllers, it is all on the disks. You can move the disks to another Ex30 and the arrays and LUNs will be read, provided that they have not been otherwise damaged or written to.

As another option, the PromiseShop currently has Ex30 controllers available.


Kevin Nichols posted this 20 June 2024

Thank you for this information.   Could they get away with using one controller to limp along until they migrate their data onto a newer device or does the system require two?


R P posted this 20 June 2024

Hi Kevin,

Yes, you can run an Ex30 single controller.

The single controller should be in the controller1 slot, the slot on the left when looking from the back.