Vtrak E610(f or s) RAID 5 - Connect to the RAID and Bad HD Question - Newb

  • Last Post 26 November 2019
Steve McNamara posted this 23 November 2019

Inherited a Vtrak RAID file server from bought out company - not a lot of experience on RAIDs and virtually no documentation was left for me.  Currently all files are accessible as far as I can tell so the system is fully operational.

The RAID is connected to Apple x-serve and there is a bookmark in Safari for the web interface of the RAID but no login page comes up (maybe that's because the network/IP scheme was folded into the new parent company's network ?).

Anyways, there is a drive bay with a red light on it, so I'm assuming it needs to be replaced, but - here's the newb part - is this just a matter of pulling out the drive and replacing it if it's RAID 5?  Can I do this while unit is still powered on or do I need to shut it down?  Only docs left for me say "Promise vTrak Raid.  Primary File Storage System.  Has 26 TB of storage set up in a RAID 5 Fasion with two hot swaps.  Connected to (Apple Server) via 4 Fibre Channel Cable" - As I haven't confirmed backups yet I want to be extra sure that I won't lose anything if I pull out that drive.  the unit is also repeating three quick beeps - I believe that is an indication that the caching isn't fully built (?) - per the manual.

Thanks for reading all of that!  Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Ranjith kumar posted this 26 November 2019

Hi Steve,

Before removing the drives, we have to verify the RAID level and other information. So first try to get the service report using

serial connection, kindly follow below kb link for serial connection:


Once you get the logs, kindly visit support.promise.com and create a web support case where you can attach the report.

Note: If you sure, it's RAID5, then you can remove dead drive and insert the new drive(hotswap).Also note RAID5 has 1 drive fault tolerance.


Promise Team