Vtrak E610 controller replacement - can I use a J-Class controller in an E-Class chassis?

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Wallace Karraker posted this 06 June 2016

Can I demote an E-Class chassis to a J-Class by replacing the controller modules? I have been told that the 610 series are end-of-life and no firmware updates will be released (last firmware update was 10/06/2009). We have several E-Class / J-Class systems but one of the E class chassis have come up with a firmware issue causing us to fail a client audit. I'd like to add the reconfigured box to our existing E-Class chassis that isn't failing the security audit. Any feedback would be appreciated, thank you.

R P posted this 06 June 2016

Hi Wallace,

The Ex10 and Jx10 use the same chassis so it is possible to install JBOD IOMs in place of the Ex10 controllers. I've done this in the past. I have a dim memory that there's another step, but I cannot recall what it is. Possibly running factorydefaults on the IOMs from the serial ports. You'll have to do both seperatly as there is no cache mirroring. I'm pretty sure that you can use the Ex10 serial cable.

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