VTrak dropping off Server

  • Last Post 28 August 2018
Ed Vyse posted this 28 August 2018

We have a VTrak E630f (Enclosure Type: SBB-SAS-3U-16Bay) and have been having some issues with the unit after upgrading our Metadata controller. 

We use Tiger Store, made by Tiger Technology, and upgraded from ProjectStore to Tiger Spaces. After the update, every time the server restarts and just after it has started up, trying to access it makes the Promise drop off the server - losing it’s drive name becoming inaccessible. If you leave the server for 30mins to an hour it starts working normally. We have been getting Tiger Technology to help us resolve this issue, which they have been but with no success. They believe it is a fault with the Promise unit but there is no errors or any indication that it is the hardware. Tiger believe they have exhausted options their end and have told me to contact Promise themselves as they still believe it's hardware related.

Their last bet was that the cache setting was the issue but we have tested all the different cache settings with no difference. The only thing that has improved the situation was updating the firmware to the VTrak which help the inaccessible change from 30 mins to an hour to about 10mins now.

I know it’s a vague issue but this issue has been going on for a few months and tricky to keep it a short post. 

I would really appreciate it if you guys had any suggestion or ideas we could try.

Mario Martinez posted this 28 August 2018

Hi  ed

This matter will require online support. Please call our support line at 408 228 1500. We are here 24/7 for all Vtraks.In addition we have System Service report ready for the  our support staff to better diagnos this matter. To obtain a system report do the following steps.

1) Launch Webpam and Login As Administrator
2) Click on Save System Report at the Top
3) Click on Save Service report and download Subsystem.html file to host

Once downloadeed please have it ready for the technician