I have 4 Nytro SSD installed to be used for cache on a VTRAK D5800. Two of the 4 physical disks have a configuration status of N/A and cannot be selected to be applied in either cache or pool operations. They come ready and seem to be recognized and stable other then the unrecognized configuration status.

The device status shows these as OK under the view display and they can be used without issue when directly attached to other systems as standalone volume. I can attach these to a Mac and the are recognized fine, can be checked, formatted, partitioned, etc. They are working fine as stadalone drives. It appears that they have simply gotten themselves into a strange configuration status state with the VTRAK and since they are not assigned to a pool, spare, unconfigured or cache, then they are not selectable as physical disks to be allocated to any of these functions.

Is there a way to delete the VTRAK data on these physical devices and start over with these devices? Or reset their specific VTRAK "Configuration Status" in some way, so that these can be used again within the VTRAK subsystem?