VTrak A-Class Share Setup

  • Last Post 21 December 2016
Obed Torres posted this 21 December 2016

Can I set up a VTrak A-Class as an SMB share?

P B posted this 21 December 2016

Hi Obed,

You have (2) options:

1. You can purchase our Promise G100 NAS Gateway 

?list=PLvAN8R6kwbSza8BuqIU2PNJ3KPEyZ_qC3" target="_blank">VTrak G1100 NAS Gateway Introduction - PROMISE VTrak G-Class Training

With the G1100 NAS Gateway, you can manage your SMB shares directly from the A-Class GUI. 

2. You can use a FC attached client (OS X, Windows or Linux) that has the SAN volume mounted and re-share it via SMB.