PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP: Using promise pegasus 2 and 3 simultaneously

  • Last Post 17 July 2019
Carlos Ruiz posted this 06 June 2019


We work on documentary and we use a Pegasus 2 R6 on a mac pro with thunderbolt 2

We are getting a Pegasus 3 R6

We need to use both discs Pegasus 2 and 3 on the same mac pro with thunderbolt 2

As we understand we need to installed a new drive for the Pegasus 3 and it should work on the mac pro with an adaptor - thunderbolt 2 to 3? Is that right?

If we installed this new drive for Pegasus 3 does it affect the drive for Pegasus 2? 

Can we work wiht both discs on this computer or is there a possiblity of conflict in terms of drives?

Is there any issues we shold be awre of using a Pegasus 3 on a thunderbolt 2 via an adaptor?

Thanks very much

Carlos Ruiz



PROMISE Technology Inc. posted this 17 July 2019

Hi Carlos,

Apple makes a ThunderBolt 3 to ThunderBolt 2 adapter that should do what you need.


A Pegasus 3 will work with an older MAC as long as the Pegasus 3 driver can be loaded. The Pegasus 3 R4 driver is for...

  • Mac OS X 10.12 or above

I have tested this with the Apple adapter, a Pegasus 3 R4 and macOS 10.13. It works as expected.

It might be best to connect each Pegasus to a different ThunderBolt bus, whether they will work daisychained I do not know.