Upgrade pegasus2 R4

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Ronald Langerhorst posted this 26 June 2020


I have a pegasus2 R4 with 4 toschiba DT01ACA3 HDD's 3 TB and i want to upgrade to 4 toschiba MG05ACA800 each 8Tb

Is this possible and how must I do that?

regards Ronald


MGm05ACA series MG05ACA800E series MG05ACA800EG05ACA series MG05ACA800E


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Ranjith kumar posted this 28 June 2020

Hi Ronald,

Yes,you can upgrade to 8TB of drives. You have to remove all exsting 4TB of drives after shutdown of the unit

and then insert 8TB of drives, power on of the unit to create new array.

Kindly use below link to download the compatibility list for Pegasus2:

Please reach us through support.promise.com if you need assistance.

Thank you,


Promise Team

Ronald Langerhorst posted this 28 June 2020


i want to extend the current capacity without losing the existing data. When I replace all the existing hdd's at once the data is gone. Is it possible to replace the hdd's one by one? And in doing so expanding the capacity from the array 4*3tb to 4*8tb?

Larry Yaeger posted this 29 June 2020

I've not done this, instead always copying the data elsewhere, swapping out the drives, recreating the volume, and copying the data back. But if the extra disk space isn't available to do that, I've read that what you are thinking works, though there are some essential extra steps at the end, because the larger disks are initially all seen as smaller, original-sized disks by the firmware. Here's one account of this process working, including those extra steps: