Upgrade Drives

  • Last Post 12 May 2022
Ryan Ray posted this 30 December 2021

Hi all! I'm looking to upgrade my drives for Pegasus3 R8. Has anyone used Seagate Enterprise drives?? I was looking at the 14TB exos x16 drives. Wondering if they would work or if I should stick with the Ironwolf NAS drives others have used. My use is photo editing and storage. Thanks in advance for any feedback and insight.

sarah roxon posted this 12 May 2022

To speed things up, I considered purchasing two SSDs to replace the R2two +'s 3TB drives. The problem is that SSDs with 1TB or 2TB capacity aren't cheap, and I'll likely have less space now as well. After that, I had a fascinating talk with a Seagate engineer at SMPTE. He advised me that if I purchase a RAID with 5 or more drives, I may utilize RAID 0 with several disks to get the performance I want. It may not be as quick as utilizing SSDs, but it will suffice, provide me with additional storage capacity, and be far less expensive.