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Andrey Semashenkov posted this 17 July 2018


I have a device VTrack V630F

I want to update the firmware to the latest, but what I downloaded, unfortunately, does not fit and not be updated. Tell me, what firmware do I need for my device and where can I get it?

Here are the current controller data:

Part Number: F2900002000000J

Serial Number: M16H09603200233

Hardware Revision A2R1.5

WWN 2100-0001-5535-9fd6

SCSI Protocols Supported SCSI-3

Boot Loader Version 1.02.0000.01

Boot Loader Build Date Nov 26, 2008

Firmware Version 3.33.0000.00

Firmware Build Date Sep 24, 2009

Software Version 3.33.0000.00

Software Build Date Sep 24, 2009

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Venkatachalam Settu posted this 17 July 2018

Hi Andrey,

The firmware version 3.33.0000.00 seems to be a VTrak E310/610f unit. There are two firmware versions are available next to version 3.33.0000.00 for the units.


Could you please let us know the unit serial number?

Thank you.

Andrey Semashenkov posted this 18 July 2018

Thanks Settu.


S/N: R70097064345

Venkatachalam Settu posted this 18 July 2018

Hi Andrey,

This could be the VTrak channel unit and latest firmware version is 3.36.0000.02. Kindly refer the below mentioned website.


Click ->Legacy products -> Choose VTrak family ->  select VTrak Ex10 series ->Choose E610f/E310f

Andrey Semashenkov posted this 18 July 2018

Thanks, normal update

Andrey Semashenkov posted this 19 July 2018

Excuse me, and one more question. My device does not support 4Tb disks with the latest firmware? A maximum of 2Tb?

Richard Oettinger posted this 19 July 2018

You can get the compatibility list for that firmware version here:



R P posted this 19 July 2018

Hi Andrey,

With the Ex10 you can use SATA drives up to 2TB, the reason for this is that the AAMUX adapter has an address limitation of 2TB. SAS drives do not have this limitation and drives over 2TB can be used, you can check the compatibility list to see which drives have been tested.