Unexpected ejection Mac Studio w/pegasus 2

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Christopher Reordan posted this 20 August 2022

I recently experienced a large number of these "unexpected ejection" notices on my Mac Studia/Pegasus 2R6.  I followed the insturctions to remedy the situation to include enabling system extensions by setting the computer to reduced security.  I found this rather alaming and would like to know if I can reset the system back to 'normal operation' after installing the pegasus driver.

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Gautham Sakthi posted this 22 August 2022

Hi Christopher,

Here is the latest driver for the Pegasus which does not require you to reduce the security level,


If you still have issues with the new driver , I would suggest to create a support case from support.promise.com so we can check and assist you further.

R P posted this 22 August 2022

Hi Christopher,

Re-using a comment to a different thread, the fix is the same...


When the M1 macs came out the Pegasus 2 was indeed tested, I know as I tested with the Pegasus 2 myself.

But some investigation has revealed that if the Pegasus has old firmware, like 5.04.0000.17 (FCS release), the Pegasus 2 won't mount on either an Intel or M1 MAC running Monterey. This firmware is from 2013. But when I attached my Pegasus 2 to Catalina it mounted fine. So my testing had obviously been done with the latest firmware.

If the latest Pegasus 2 firmware is loaded (5.04.0000.64) the Pegasus2 will mount on both the M1 (with both the kext and user space driver) and the Intel Monterey. It can be slow to mount, I did not time it, but it might take a minute, then it works fine and can be managed with the latest Pegasus32 Utility.

Since the Pegasus 2 with old firmware won't be recognized by an M1 MAC, a firmware update will have to be done from an older MAC. I used a Catalina MAC Mini, but Big Sur will probably work as well.


If you are getting unexpected disconnects, it would not be a good idea to update the firmware from that MAC.


Buzz Smith posted this 29 September 2022

I have a Mac Studio with M1 Ultra processor, running MacOS Monterey


I'm having the same disconnect issue as Christopher Reordan, but with two attached Pegasus 2R4s. The Firmware version of the arrays is, which, based on R P's comment above is the latest version. How do I get rid of these incessant errors? I went out of town for 2 days and, when I returned, I had a HUGE list of these errors I had to clear from my notifications before I could see other non-Pegasus notifications.