TX2300 driver for win 7

  • Last Post 31 July 2020
Ettiene boy posted this 30 July 2020


Looking for driver for TX2300 for win 7.

The one from your download center (https://www.promise.com/DownloadFile.aspx?DownloadFileUID=108) is incorrect.

Windows setup does not accept it. When I open the readme file it states "Promise OII Serial Driver Diskette" which leads my to belive it the wrong driver.

I need this driver urgenlty to access some old files on a array. Our country's king as passed away and his $50mil dollar inherticance papers is on the array.



R P posted this 31 July 2020

Hi Ettiene,

To install the driver select the inf file...

And select Intall. A reboot will be required.

Looking at the inf it does not seem to include the TX2200.

So I'd suggest trying the Vista driver. Historically when a Win7 driver was unavailable, Vista drivers have been used. It's not guranteed, but ususally they will work.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that the product is long past EOL, no further updates will be done, so you will have to work with the downloads available.