Troubleshooting Promise 3 R6 with Mac Mini M1

  • Last Post 27 October 2021
Lee Fraser posted this 26 October 2021

I've been happily running my Promise3 R6 for quite a while now with no issues.  Went out of town and unplugged all devices from power and shut down.  On return my R6 wouldn't boot.  I created a support case and after doing the regular cable swaps etc, it was suggested that I eject the drives part way and try and power up, then insert the drives.  This actually worked once.  However, on rebooting the machine the same thing happened.  

I had Apple replace the logic board twice with no luck.  System profiler shows the Promise connected to the TB port.  I've used the commands to load the extension (which I previously didn't have to do). I can also power a second drive from the TB port on the R6.  The only sign of life I get when I plug in power is the power button flickers orange very briefly and only once.  

I no longer see disk access in the security settings even though I've reinstalled the drivers and utility.  

I'm stumped.  

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R P posted this 27 October 2021

Hi Lee,

To make a guess, this could be a power supply issue.

Lee Fraser posted this 27 October 2021

I kind of felt like that might be it myself (that's what failed on my last one) but it seems odd that it has enough power to connect to the other drive and show up in the profiler.

Don't power supplies either work or they don't?  Is it possible that it is supplying part power?  thanks! 

I have searched online based on a different post for a part but don't see it anywhere.