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Sally Wilson posted this 08 January 2023


  Sorry for the dumb question, but, is 16TB the total capacity of the model Pegasus3 R4 (so you can only put in drives that add up to 16TB total) or is 16TB the capacity of each drive you can put in it? I need more storage in my RAID and need clarification on this before buying new drives.

Thanks Sal


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Babatunde Akinkuolie posted this 09 January 2023

If you plan to increase the storage, you can put in 16TB for each drive up to 64TB in total . You need to backup data to an external hard drive, replace all original drives at the same time with the new drives, create a new array, logical drive then copy back the data to the new volume.

Below are the following drives that have been tested with Pegasus3 for 16TB drives. You can purchase any of these models

1. Vendor: Toshiba

    Series: MG08

    Model: MG08ACA16TE

    Capacity: 16TB

2. Vendor: Toshiba

    Series: MG09

    Model: MG09ACA16TE

    Capacity: 16TB


Below link is how to create a volume on a Pegasus

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Sally Wilson posted this 10 January 2023

Thanks again Babatunde for your response! Very helpful :)