To 'Clone' a disk on Pegasus2 R4, (MacOS 10.14.6) which is best Chronosync or Finder

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Palle Jensen posted this 2 weeks ago

I have a Pegasus2 R4, and I may get/replace it by a Pegasus3.  I want to move 'All data' on the disk to the new unit. I guess I could use Chronosync or I could use Finder, copying by draggin, all files from one finderwindow to another.

The amount of data is about 5TB.

Any info on expected execution time is very welcome too

kind regards


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Raghuraman Kannan posted this 4 days ago

Hi Palle,

You can use either of those options.

With Chrnosync , you can run backups automatically and you can schedule the Backups as well. It is pretty much a Automatic Backup .

With Finder, you have to manually move the data to the Destination. 

Either of them will work fine. You can decide which ever is easy for you.

Thanks !


Palle Jensen posted this 4 days ago


I have gathered that much after the trials I made

as soon as I get my new P3 R4-16TB from Apple I'll start to set it all up