Synchronisation doesn't seem to be moving at all

  • Last Post 12 September 2023
James Lee posted this 12 September 2023

I had rebuilt my R4 with 4TB drives , replacing out the older 3TB disks. Not wanting to lose my data , i used Migration to expand my size from 9TB to 12TB (in a RAID 5 config). After selecting the parameters and running the migration, it says migration is completed and then says it started afterwards.

It seems to be also running Synchronization but for 2 hours it hasnt moved any further from 0%! 

I had attempted to set Background Synchronization Rate to High but it was already set to High in the first place...

What can i do? 

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R P posted this 12 September 2023

Hi Jeremy,

A migration can take a long time to complete as the new RAID needs to be resynced and re-striped. Be patient.

Also, we have a process on how to replace your drives with larger drives and make use of the new space. It may be of some use.