Swap out all drives from Pegasus2 R8?

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Jay Thomas posted this 15 October 2019

There are a few threads here that touch on this though I can't see a definitive answer:

If I have a Pegasus2 R8 with 3Tb drives, and I have a clone of this entire drive, can I:

With the unit shut down and disconnected from the computer, remove all 8 drives and replace them with new 4Tb (or other as detailed on Compatability Datasheet here https://www.promise.com/DownloadFile.aspx?DownloadFileUID=6110)?

Then if I power up the drive will the unit see this as a new blank array and automatically prepare it as a new RAID5 system?

At which point I would then migrate my cloned data back over to this drive and end up with increased capacity on this unit?

Are there steps to this that I'm unaware of, or is there anything that prohibits this from working?

Additionally, if the above does work, the original 3Tb drives would then be available for reformatting and reinstallation into other docking systems as blank repurposed drives, correct?

Thank you.

Raghuraman Kannan posted this 16 October 2019


What you said would work. However, I will share the steps to follow .

1. Shutdown the unit and remove all the 3TB drives from the unit (After Marking the drive slots).

2. Insert all the new 4TB drives into the unit and Click on "Physical Drive" list in the Utility and make sure the replacement drives are showing up in the list 

3.The status of that drive should be "Unconfigured" .If the status is "Passthru", then unlock the Utility and click on settings for each drive and change it to "Unconfigured"

4. You should then be able to create new array and Logical drive.

5. Once the Intial Synchronization is complete, the Logical Drive will be showing up with increased capacity.

6. You can then move the data from the old unit to this array.

7. In the future, if you want to use the old 3 TB drives then you just have to shutdown the unit and remove all the 4TB drives in order .

8. If you insert the 3TB drives in same sequence and power ON the unit, it will mount the Volume (It will not do any any formatting process as the RAID array was created by this unit ). 

Let me know if you have any questions !



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