supertrak 16650 offline logic drive

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Sinan Sahin posted this 31 January 2023

Hi every,

I have supertrak 16650 works on Windows server with 2 logic drive. 1st one is  raid 5, second is raid 6. The second one (Raid 6) seems offline although there is a global spare drive. when i checked the LD It gives error as "missing FD", i replaced the disk but still seems offline. when i checked the status i did not see a section for make the LD online. Any suggestion.



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R P posted this 31 January 2023

Hi Sinan,

Best guess is that the computer was rebooted. If the controller is booted with an incomplete array you will have to 'accept' it.

I don't have a supertrak 16650 available to verify the process, but the CLI command for accepting an array is...

array -a accept -d 1

This is for arrayID 1, if you have (2) arrays, then the arrayIDs will probably be 0 and 1, use the appropriate value.

Then a rebuild should be started on the new drive.

Sinan Sahin posted this 31 January 2023

I have reboot the computer and accept the the incompatable array at the bootup. Before that i checked the configurations with ctrl+s, then reboot the syetem and accept the incopateble driver to bootup.

When i login webpro i can see the LD-0 is ok, LD-1 is offiline. One of the drivers of the LD-1 is missing, i replaced the drive and rebooted the system but nothing is changed.

I have lots of data on the LD-1 as its 10TB, so i need the data. I can not find any section to force the disk online or make the LD-1 to rebuild as its RAID 6 and there is a global spare. I can not figure how a raid 6 LD become offiline as there is a global hot spare.


I need a way to make the LD online without loosing data.

R P posted this 31 January 2023

Hi Sinan,

Without better information all one can do is guess.

Could you start the CLI and run some commands and post them here?

To start the CLI...

Opening the CLI on Windows
To open the CLI, click the CLI icon on the desktop (right), or:
1. Go to Start > Run and click the Browse button.
2. Navigate to the C:\Program Files\WebPAMPRO\Agent\bin folder.
3. Click cliib.exe file then click the Open button.
4. Click the OK button in the Run dialog box.
The CLI window opens.

Then please run the following commands...

array -v
logdrv -v